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You can set up your AOL email account in your Microsoft Standpoint 2010 for sending/getting messages. To ensure that you don’t confront Microsoft Standpoint issues during the strategy, we have presented to you this free Microsoft Viewpoint 2010 help guide. It will assist you with effectively setting up Microsoft Standpoint for your AOL mail account.


Open Standpoint either from your Work area alternate route or from the very outset button> All Projects. Click the Document tab and highlight Data. You will see your current Record Data under Data. To set up another AOL email account, click Add Record. This will take you to the Add New Record window. In the Name field, enter your name.

Enter a legitimate AOL email address in the Email Address box and secret key in the Secret word field. Click the button close to Physically arrange server settings or extra server types and hit the CCNA certification Following button. Click the Web Email button and hit Straightaway. At the point when in Web Email Settings, enter your name and email address under Client Data.

Under Server Data, snap to choose IMAP starting from the drop bolt alongside Record Type and fill the approaching and active server data. Type ‘’ (without quotes) in the Approaching Mail Server enclose while ‘’ the Active Mail Server (SMTP) box. Under Logon Data, enter your name and email address in the applicable boxes.

Check the Recall Secret word box. Click the More Settings button. Feature the Active Server tab and really look at the container close to My active server (SMTP) requires confirmation. Click the High level tab and enter ‘587’ in the Active server (SMTP) box. Click the alright button. You will get back to the Add New Record window. If you have any desire to test your settings prior to leaving the window, click the Test Record Settings button.

Microsoft Standpoint will test your AOL account settings and answer appropriately. In the event that the testing goes fruitful, you will see a complimenting message. Click the alright button and afterward Next and afterward Finish to save the progressions and leave the Add New Record window. On the off chance that the testing returns a blunder message, click the alright button and return to survey the settings.

On the off chance that you track down spelling or setting botches, right them. It is compulsory to spell your email address, secret key, and approaching and active server data and so forth accurately. Check the port number additionally for the SMTP server. In the event that you have lost or failed to remember your secret phrase, contact AOL and request it.

Extra Data:

On the off chance that you are executing Microsoft Standpoint arrangement interestingly, the programmed wizard will come up and provoke you to set up your email account. AOL mail likewise upholds a POP3 account. In any case, before you set up Microsoft Viewpoint, affirm with the AOL administration. On the off chance that you deal with an issue that you can’t determine without help from anyone else, contact Microsoft Viewpoint support.